This blog is inspired by the students whom I taught at SMK Gunung Kidul on 2012-2014 (now I am not a teacher anymore). I want to capture the appreciation of the students were very hungry for education. Many experiences and exciting stories while with them. Over time, this blog is a little shifted from personal notes into a story of my experience. I admit it's still less than your experience and not so interesting, but I hope there are few things that can be useful for you.
I love the world of writing, traveling, organization, strategy of marketing, and music. I have worked as a sales in pharmaceutical companies, for the first, I got trouble but I was pushing to speed up the adjustment and adaptation of work, I am happy to do that because the impact to the best achievement. I love sales and or marketing because there is challenge to melt atmosphere, choose tricks in the right situation will produce maximum results.
If asked to choose between market share and Heart share, I will reply Heart share is more important.

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Mohon maaf apabila masih banyak kesalahan dalam penulisan maupun ada hal yang tidak berkenan bagi para pembaca. Saya tidak bermaksud buruk kepada siapapun. Diatasnya langit masih ada langit dan saya akui masih banyak orang hebat dari saya dan salah satunya yang sedang membaca tulisan saya ini.



This blog is only to remember all about Vocational High School and inside of this. (Gunung Kidul) My Blog - Diary of Togetherness , TOKO ONLINE SPREI & BED COVER dan CHORD SONGS

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