ROLE PLAY - Diary of Togetherness

First Person                 : “Hi all, I have a good news for you all.”
Second Person            : “What is that?”
First Person                 : “We will go to Sidney on two months again.”
Third Person               : “Do you mean, our propose has approved by Education Department?”
First Person                 : “Yes, you are totally right.”
Fourth Person              : “Thanks God, You had acceded our pray.”
Second Person             : “Finally, Our dream can be real.”
Fourth Person              : “Yes. Because we had studied hard.”
Third Person                : “I still can’t believe it. The Education
  Department trust us in “student exchange” event”
First Person                 : “It is a true friend (kata friend boleh diganti dengan nama teman kalian)”
Fourth Person              : “Ok. Friends, I will go home and give this report to my parents.”
Second Person             : “me too. I can’t imagine how will happy they are!”

THE FIRST ROLE PLAY SCRIPT (for group which has four members)




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